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Spectrum’s philosophy is simple, and it’s based solely around creating the best quality of living possible for you and your family. We aim to lead you on a path that sees you seek enlightenment, find clarity, achieve balance and ignite passion. Let’s energetically connect to continue the journey.

About Sharon

After many years of consciously raising a family using many healing modalities including naturopathy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy, my constant search for a happy, healthy and successful family has brought the art and science of feng shui and dowsing into my life.

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    Flying Stars in the Year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018

    The Flying Stars system in feng shui is always in a flow of transition and transformation and this to me is what makes the practice of feng shui so interesting. 2018 is the ‘Year of the Yang Earth Dog’ and will officially start on Sunday, 4th February. This date is…

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    This Ultrasonic/Vaporiser is inspired by the captivating beauty and aroma of flowers in 'Bloom'. Flowers offer a special beauty and have a wonderful and uplifting effect on our energy. The coloured crystal look finish has been designed to represent a flower bud. [sf_modal header="Lively Living Diffusers" link_type="text" link_text="READ MORE ABOUT LIVELY LIVING DIFFUSERS..." btn_colour="accent" btn_type="standard" btn_size="standard" btn_icon="ss-star" btn_text="READ MORE"]

    Lively Living Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers/Vaporisers not only offer beautiful designs but are also highly functional. Vaporising essential oils is the simplest way to surround yourself with aromas that can elevate your mood, promote intimacy, relieve those winter sniffles or create clarity and focus during work or study. A few drops of your favourite blend together with water is added to the unit. The ultrasonic technology utilises high frequency vibrations to atomise the liquid. Each micro sized droplet is coated with a fine layer of the essential oil. This cool mist becomes a cool vapour which spreads evenly throughout the room and is easily inhaled and absorbed. With no heat or condensation and automatic switch off, these units are safe and family friendly. The Lively Living diffusers offer the following 5 in 1 multi functions. ULTRASONIC DIFFUSER/VAPORISER Ultrasonic vibrations retain essential oils in their purest form. These molecules are easily absorbed through our olfactory system and travel to the limbic system in the brain which controls our basic emotions and instincts. Through our sense of smell, we may experience beneficial effects such as altering our mood and feelings, stimulate memory and learning, influence hormonal responses and stimulate memory associations. IONISER The water vibrates at 2.4 million Hz/second creating negative ions. Negative ions help remove dust and bacteria in the air, assisting breathing and improving sleep. AIR PURIFIER Negative Ions + Essential Oils dispersed into the air help destroy airborne viruses and bacteria, improving your environment. HUMIDIFIER The cool mist emits light moisture into the air to combat dryness without creating dampness. MOOD LIGHT Each one of the Lively Living diffusers have unique mood lighting functions which can be 'set' or 'switched off' (ideal for sleeping).

    $110.00 $77.00
  • Balance & Passion Essence

    The Balance & Passion essence: - Activates balance - Releases extremism - Creates passion - Assists in creating more balance on the physical, emotional and mental levels - Helps you become aware of what is out of balance in your life - Connects you with your inner passion in your daily life and in your professional experience - Helps you balance work, play, family, friends, exercise and rest - Supports you in feeling and expressing passion [sf_modal header="Marie Diamond Transformation Essences" link_type="text" link_text="READ MORE ABOUT TRANSFORMATION ESSENCES..." btn_colour="accent" btn_type="standard" btn_size="standard" btn_icon="ss-star" btn_text="READ MORE"]

    The Marie Diamond Transformation Essences will transform your vibration, the vibration of your home and office and the people living and working in them. These essences are created by a process of meditation and frequency activations. They go through a a very specific and intense process that activates each essence with a quantum frequency. Using each of the Marie Diamond Energy Systems (Inner Diamond, Diamond Dowsing and Diamond Feng Shui) they are activated in an energetically pure space, connected with the quantum field. Each essence is activated with a specific vibration that will help you connect with a specific quality. Qualities such as unconditional love, wisdom, clarity and focus each hold a certain vibration. When using these essences in your aura field and environment, you will enhance these qualities in your life. For more information about the Marie Diamond Transformation Essences and how to use them, click here to download a free ebook.

  • 6 Rod All Metal Windchime

    The 6 rod all metal windchime is a potent cure for the yearly and monthly Flying Stars #2 & #5. The metal element of the wind chime weakens the earth element of the #2 & #5. The 6 hollow tubes attract the density of the negative earth element and the six rods represent wealth coming from heaven. Hang the wind chime from the ceiling or at least 90 cms above the floor. Never sit or sleep directly beneath a hanging wind chime.
  • Diamond Dowsing Cures Multi Package

    The following cures are specially activated with specific intentions and light frequencies to cure the negative vibrations in your home or office as taught in the Diamond Dowsing Basic program. The Diamond Dowsing Multi Package contains: 7 blue cures for Geopathic Stress 7 yellow cures for Interference Lines 7 red cures for Personal Interference Lines 5 green cures for Negative Hartmann and Curry Lines 4 violet cures for Negative Vortexes