About Dowsing

What is Dowsing?

You may be familiar with water divining or perhaps the use of a pendulum to obtain answers to life’s questions, lost objects or guidance from a higher source. These traditional methods are considered the practice of dowsing. Dowsing has been practiced for thousands of years and in many cultures. Its practical application has been used to find water sources, mineral deposits and oil, in farming and to locate underground cables. Through the nervous system, the dowser acts as an antenna to pick up information from the environment. This information is gathered through asking specific questions or thoughts (typically, a response is a yes or no answer) and is then relayed through the dowser’s nervous system to move the dowsing tool.

Dowsing’s history

Historically, dowsing has been practiced as long as humans have been aware of a field of information beyond the level of the individual conscious mind. Dowsing has been used for thousands of years throughout many cultures. The ancient Egyptians, Druids, Knights Templar, various religions and indigenous people such as the native American Indians all practiced dowsing. Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and the famous American physic Edgar Cayce were all dowsers. Dowsing societies around the globe are a testament to the resurgence of interest around dowsing with growing numbers of members, resources and registers of professional dowsers. Despite its long and controversial history dowsing has endured and will continue to enlighten us to the field of information beyond our five senses.

Dowsing today

In the 21st century, dowsing is employed as a modern version of an ancient technique, helping to release the energy blockages of your home and office. Modern living has disturbed the earth’s natural energy flow and vibrations, which in turn, affects the healthy functioning of our immune system, bodies and minds. Dowsing is employed across a wide range of commercial applications. There are professional dowsers worldwide who offer their services in diverse categories such as locating water sources, health analysis, and curing site energies, such as stress lines, entities and space clearing.

Spectrum’s goal is to employ a modern version of an ancient technique, helping to release the energy blockages of your home and office.