Create a Wealth Vase for Long-term Success

Create a Wealth Vase for Long-term Success
April 22, 2019 Sharon Dunn

Ritual & Intention – Important First Steps

The ritual of the wealth vase was a long-held secret in the practice of feng shui and was initially reserved for the Chinese Emperor and nobility, but we can all now create a wealth vase to benefit ourselves and our family.

Before assembling your Wealth Vase, visualise with good intention who you would like your wealth vase to benefit. Perhaps your intention is to share your abundance with your extended family or to contribute to your community or charity.

Choose a shape for your vase that has a generous body to fill with goodies and a narrow neck and lid. A ceramic vase is the best element for your vase.

Fill your vase with 20% earth element to ground the energy and provide a foundation for your wealth to grow. Soil from a wealthy person’s garden is considered very auspicious energy but if this is not possible visit a park that feels prosperous and alive with abundant qi and respectfully ask Mother Earth for permission to take a little soil. If this is not an option, just take some earth from your garden.

Collect all your wealth vase treasure

Traditionally, a wealth vase contains the following items:

1. Seven types of semi precious stones such as quartz, citrine, amethyst and sodalite to represent the treasures of the earth

2. Five packets of dried food such as rice, dhal, beans, barley etc.

3. Images of objects or people that represent wealth according to your value system

4. Representations of gold ingots or gold bars

5. The God of Wealth (e.g. a laughing Buddha or the Chinese God of Wealth). Place your God of Wealth in the centre of your vase and remember to mark on the outside of your vase which way your God of Wealth faces. Remember to never have your vase facing out the front door, place your vase so that it faces into your home

6. Wish fulfilling jewels to represent your desire for good health, great relationship and harmony luck

7. 100 Chinese coins to fill all the empty spaces in your vase

8. 10 Chinese Emperor coins

9. A Ru Yi to represent power

10. A Chinese Lock Coin to symbolically lock up your wealth

11. Crystal globes to represent wealth flowing to you from all over the world

12. Coin currency from 9 different countries

13. Images of objects or people that represent wealth according to your value system

Seal your vase with squares of cloth in the colours of the five elements. First cover the vase with your blue cloth, followed by green, red, yellow and finishing with white on top of our vase. Tie your vase tightly with ribbon in the colours of the five elements; blue, green, red, yellow and white.

Perfect Placement

There are some options you can choose around where to place your wealth vase:

• Place in the general wealth direction of southeast, based on the Nine Directions Chart and Space Feng Shui

• Place in the Yearly Flying Star sector where the number 8 resides. This year the #8 is in the center of your home or office and everyone who lives in the home or works in your office will benefit from this abundance energy which brings long-term wealth, health and spiritual luck.

• If you know the energy map of your home or office based on the 20 year cycle of energy, place in the area where the #8 resides. This maybe a combination of Mountain 8 & Water 8, Mountain 6 and Water 8 or Mountain 6 and Water 8.

Remember not to open your wealth vase once it is sealed and if possible, place inside a cupboard, on a lower shelf, closer to the earth level. Don’t publicly display your wealth vase and be sure your God of Wealth is facing into your home.


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