Flying Stars in the Year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018

Flying Stars in the Year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018
February 2, 2018 Sharon Dunn

The Flying Stars system in feng shui is always in a flow of transition and transformation and this to me is what makes the practice of feng shui so interesting.

2018 is the ‘Year of the Yang Earth Dog’ and will officially start on Sunday, 4th February. This date is always the same every year, regardless of when the Chinese New Year celebrations begin.

The characteristics of the Dog gives us some clues to the flow of energies for 2018. Dogs are loyal and honest and have a strong sense of justice and fair play. This year trust your instincts and move away from relationships that are not balanced, harmonious and mutually beneficial. In other words, move away from those people that do not love, support and honor your relationship with them!

In the Flying Star system of feng shui, the yearly stars are dynamic and will manifest their energies (both positive and negative) within 9 weeks to 9 months.

If you would to place cures and enhancers for both the positive and negative flow of energies into your home and work place this year, make sure they are in place before the 4th February.

Flying Stars 2018 Activations & Remedies Chart


This year, there are 2 feng shui energies in our homes & office that we need to pay particular attention to:

• The Grand Duke Jupiter resides in the northwest sector 292.5 degrees – 307.5 degrees. DO NOT SIT FACING THE NORTHWEST in 2018. Instead, sit with your back to the Grand Duke in order to respect and have the support of the Grand Duke. Avoid doing any renovations in this sector. If your front door faces northwest or is in the northwest sector, keep this area quiet, or choose another door to use this year. The energy of the Grand Duke Jupiter this year does provide some benevolence however, as this sector plays host to the Abundance #1 Water Star.

• The 3 Killings resides in the north this year. Along with the #5 Disaster Star, the north sector this year is severely afflicted and remedies and actions to avoid the negative energies of this sector is highly recommended. DO NOT SIT WITH YOUR BACK TO THE 3 KILLINGS IN 2018. If your front door faces north, try to use another door this year but if this is not possible hang a large six rod metal wind chime or place a salt water cure & six Chinese coins to absorb this energy. Avoid doing any renovations in this sector. Keep the north sector quiet and avoid any fire energy here this year, such as a fireplace or candles.

The Yearly Flying Stars offers us a roadmap of the positive and negative energies that will affect our environment from year to year. Activating for the positive energies and placing remedies for the negative, allows us to have control over 66% of our Trinity of Luck (33% human luck & 33% earth luck).

May 2018 bring everyone an abundance of success, health, loving relationships and wisdom in the Year of the Yang Earth Dog.






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