Healing & Harmonising with Earth Energy Dowsing & Feng Shui

Healing & Harmonising with Earth Energy Dowsing & Feng Shui
October 2, 2018 Sharon Dunn

Healing & Harmonising with Earth Energy Dowsing & Feng Shui

Did you know that deep within the core of the earth natural, harmonious vibrations radiate that support our energy systems, our immune systems, our bodies and our minds?

However, if these natural vibrations are disturbed by underground water, geological fractures, fault lines and the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic stress, this energy turns negative.

Our homes become containers for this negative energy. Over time we have lost our conscious awareness of the effects of this energy and we may search for reasons why we feel stressed and tired all the time. We ask ourselves whether we are getting enough sleep or is it our diet or perhaps we are not getting enough exercise, but the answer may be that the negative energies we live and work in are frustrating our attempts to be truly well and happy.

As a certified Diamond Dowser, I use the Diamond Dowsing method to find these energy disturbances and cure them. You might say, I’m an earth acupuncturist!

Once these non-beneficial earth energies are neutralized, the energy of your home is immediately transformed to support you.

Feng shui then enhances this new positive earth energy by assessing and releasing the energy blocks or “chi” in your environment, applying feng shui principles and formulas which are thousands of years old. The ancient Chinese Feng Shui Masters understood how to use this flow of chi for human existence. The Chinese philosophy of heaven, mankind and earth luck assigns 33% of each type of luck to you for this lifetime.

Heavenly luck is the most difficult to change and includes your religious beliefs and spiritual practices. Mankind luck is manifested through our daily lives and the choices we make around how we grow and develop as a person. Earth luck is influenced by the practice of feng shui and earth energy dowsing and is the easiest to influence.

Integrating both feng shui and earth energy dowsing allows you to tap into more than 66% of your earth luck and opens up a positive flow of energy so that life goals such as success, good health, great relationships and spiritual wisdom flow with ease.

Spectrum Dowsing & Feng Shui offers a unique consultancy to evaluate homes and exclusive dowsing tools to cure the earth’s energies that may be creating an imbalance in our lives.

Would you like to learn more around the services I offer?

Contact me for a free 20 minute phone or Skype consultation to discuss how to transform the energy of your home.



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