Monthly Flying Stars 6th May to 5th June 2019

Monthly Flying Stars 6th May to 5th June 2019
May 5, 2019 Sharon Dunn

Qi is never stagnant, it is in a constant state of transition and transformation. The feng shui formula of Flying Stars (i.e. Time Feng Shui) studies the changes that take place over periods of time. Predictions are made around these changes and suggestions are given to either enhance or cure the Flying Stars that affect your home based on the period energy map of your home.

The Flying Stars Formula is expressed in numbers. The numbers 1 to 9 represent a flow of energy (both positive and negative) and have qualities such as yin and yang, elements and unique vibrations which create different levels of outcomes.

The yin, negative numbers are 3,7,2 & 5. The presence of these numbers can create illness, loss and challenging situations.

The yang, positive numbers are 4,1,6 & 8. These stars bring energy to support your career, abundance and relationships.

The number 9 is a neutral energy. The 9 takes on the essence of any star it connects with, doubling its energy, whether positive or negative.

The chart shows the eight compass directions along with the centre sector and each sector shows two numbers. The number on the left is the annual flying star and the number on the lower right is the monthly flying star. Stand in the centre of your home and use a reliable compass to determine the sectors. For example, if your front door is in the north sector, or faces the direction of north, you will experience the relationship luck of the yearly flying star #4 combining with the relationship monthly flying star #4.

Important areas of your home to focus on are your front door, bedroom, living room and office, as these areas are where we spend the most time.

Remember not to place live plants or water in your bedroom, select alternative cures and activators for these rooms.

This month the chart for the Flying Stars shows a doubling energy. Abundance and relationship luck is doubly auspicious this month but unfortunately, there is also a doubling of conflict, frustration and disaster energy.

Abundance Star #1 (west)

The monthly #1 water star combines with the yearly #1 water star to bring some fantastic career and cash flow energy to this sector this month. Career & money luck gets a boost, especially if your front door faces west or is located in the west sector, or your office or bedroom is located here. Place a bubbling fountain to activate the water star #1 and this month add a six rod metal windchime to stimulate the water energy of the #1.  This month will be empowering for you to perhaps ask for that pay rise, look for that new job or consider new income streams. Remember, no water in the bedroom. Instead, activate your bedroom with a blue wavy item, an image of a path winding its way uphill or your business logo or images or file of your future projects.



Illness Star #2 (northeast)

Double illness energy in the northeast this month unfortunately. Take care of your digestive and urinary systems and be sure to hang a larger 6 rod all metal windchime or add another windchime to suppress this. Keep this area quiet, especially if your bedroom, office or front door faces west or is located in the northeast sector.




Conflict Star #3 (south)

The conflict energy of the #3 in the south this month may invite disagreements, quarrels or legal issues and adds to the already stressful energy of the yearly #3. Calm this energy by placing a red laughing Buddha, a red double happiness symbol or something that lightens your heart and makes your smile. Keep your front door well lit for 3-5 hours every night if it is located in the south sector or faces south. For married couples, if your bedroom is located here the potential for conflict is very high. Place a bowl of still water with a handful of sea salt. Focus on peaceful and calming thoughts this month and move away from the south sector if the potential for arguments and fighting erupt here.



Relationship Star #4 (north)

The monthly #4 joins the yearly #4 to bring fantastic relationship luck. Activate the energy of the relationship star by placing a healthy flowering plant or 4 stems of bamboo in a vase. A double happiness symbol is also a great activation for this energy. Remember, no living plants in the bedroom. Instead, an image of plants or silk flowers can be displayed. The #4 brings relationship, literary and travel luck. This will be a powerful month for romance to blossom and for married couples to rekindle their romance if the bedroom is located in the north sector or if you have a north facing front door or the front door is located here.



Transformation Star #5 (southwest)

The dense energy of the #5 pays a visit to the southwest sector this month and combines with the yearly energy of the #5. Hang an additional all metal 6 rod windchime here to suppress this negative energy. Keep this area quiet, especially if your bedroom, office or front door faces southwest or is located in the southwest sector. Consider moving out of this sector this month if your bedroom is located here. Women will be the most affected by this energy this month. Have faith that the transformational energy of the #5 will bring you insights and wisdom around what has previously not been working and the solutions to move forward in life.



Abundance Star #6 (east)

The #6 abundance star joins the yearly star #6 making this a very auspicious sector this month. Great if your front door faces east or is in the east sector. Auspicious also if your bedroom, office or living room is located here. The #6 brings heavenly luck. This type of abundance luck is like gold from heaven and is unexpected, like winning the lottery or an inheritance.  Activate for this energy by placing a jade gemstone or jade colored item, along with the yearly activation of a bowl of gold coins or ingots. This is a magnificent month for abundance luck, so if your living room or office is located here be sure to spend as much time here as you can.


Frustration Star #7 (southeast)

Place a larger bowl of still water with a handful of sea salt to absorb the negative energy of the frustration star this month in the southeast. Be extra careful this month if your front door is located in the southeast sector, or faces southeast and pay attention to securing your home. Keep the southeast sector as quiet as possible this month to subdue the doubling energy of the yearly #7 and monthly #7.



Abundance Star #8 (centre)

Be sure to activate the centre this month with a large quartz crystal, especially if your front door is located in the centre sector, or if your bedroom, office or living area is located here. Very auspicious energy this month for the centre sector as the abundance energy of the monthly #8 joins the yearly energy of the abundance star #8. This month be grateful for all the abundance you have in your life.




Fame Star #9 (northwest)

The monthly #9 doubles the yearly energy of the #9 in the northwest sector. The energy of this sector could be extremely auspicious or very inauspicious based on the natal chart of your home. Place a golden item and focus on achieving balance in your life this month if your front door faces northwest or is located in this sector, or if your bedroom, living room or office is located here.




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