Monthly Flying Stars 7th July 2017 to 7th August 2017

Monthly Flying Stars 7th July 2017 to 7th August 2017
July 7, 2017 Sharon Dunn

The chart shows the eight compass directions along with the centre sector and each sector shows two numbers. The number on the left is the annual flying star and the number on the lower right is the monthly flying star. Stand in the centre of your home and use a reliable compass to determine the sectors. For example, if your front door is in the north sector, or faces the direction of north, you will experience the abundance of the yearly flying star #6 combining with the monthly flying star abundance star # 8.

Important areas of your home to focus on are your front door, bedroom, living room and office, as these areas are where we spend the most time.

Remember not to place live plants or water in your bedroom, select alternative cures and activators for these rooms.

Abundance Star #1 (east)

The monthly #1 water star combines with the yearly abundance star #8. Fantastic career & money luck in the east sector this month, especially if your front door, office or bedroom is located here. Place a bubbling fountain to activate the water star #1. Remember, no water in the bedroom. Instead, activate your bedroom with a blue wavy item, an image of a path winding its way uphill or your business logo or future projects.

Illness Star #2 (southeast)

Illness energy joins the yearly flying star energy of the fame & recognition star #9. Take care of your liver and be sure to hang a 6 rod all metal windchime to suppress this negative energy here this month. Keep this area quiet, especially if your bedroom, office or front door faces southeast or is located in the southeast sector.

Conflict Star #3 (centre)

The conflict energy of the #3 may invite disagreements, quarrels or legal issues. Calm this energy by placing a red laughing Buddha, a red double happiness symbol or something that lightens your heart and makes your smile.

Relationship Star #4 (northwest)

Activate the energy of the relationship star by placing a healthy flowering plant or 4 stems of bamboo in a vase. Remember, no living plants in the bedroom. Instead, an image of plants or silk flowers can be displayed. The #4 brings relationship, literary and travel luck.

Transformation Star #5 (west)

The dense energy of the #5 pays a visit to the west sector this month and combines with the yearly conflict energy of the #3. Hang an all metal 6 rod windchime here to suppress this negative energy. This sector may affect the health of young children.

Abundance Star #6 (northeast)

The #6 abundance star joins the yearly relationship star #4 to bring the Sum of Ten and makes this a very auspicious sector this month. Great if your front door faces northeast or is in the northeast sector. Auspicious also if your bedroom, office or living room is locate here. The # 6 brings heavenly luck. This type of abundance luck is like gold from heaven and is unexpected, like winning the lottery or an inheritance.  Activate for this energy by placing gold items such as 6 gold coins or ingots.


Frustration Star #7 (south)

Place bowl of still water with a handful of sea salt to absorb the negative energy of the violence and robbery star this month in the south. Be extra careful this month if your front door is located in the south sector, or faces south and pay attention to securing your home. Keep the south sector as quiet as possible this month to subdue the negative combination of the yearly #5 and monthly #7.

Abundance Star #8 (north)

Be sure to activate the north this month with a quartz crystal, especially if your front door faces north, or is located in the north sector, or if your bedroom, office or living area is located here. Very auspicious energy this month for the north sector as the abundance energy of the monthly #8 joins the yearly energy of the abundance star #6.

Fame Star #9 (southwest)

Unfortunately, the monthly #9 doubles the yearly frustration energy of the #7 in the southwest sector. Arguments, quarrels and legal issues may arise. Keep this area quiet and avoid candles & fire in this sector this month.  Be especially cautious around home security if your front door is located in the southwest sector or faces the southwest.




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