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    Dowsing for energy vortexes

    There are two types of energy vortexes that we look for when dowsing a home and property. An energy vortex is a spiralling cone shaped energy that radiates either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the energy of the vortex – positive or negative. A positive vortex is an upward clockwise spiral of energy that is very energetically uplifting, promoting delta brain waves.

  • Dowsing

    Feng Shui Blessings for a very Happy Mother’s Day 2019

    The southwest corner of any home or room is big earth and represents romance, love and marriage. The trigram of KUN is assigned to the southwest and represents mother earth. The ultimate yin energy; the mother is holding human energy in balance and harmony with heavenly energy. She is the ultimate symbol of the divine feminine, giving birth, nurturing the family and radiating love and kindness.