Spring Clean with Feng Shui

Spring Clean with Feng Shui
September 1, 2015 Sharon Dunn


September 1, 2015



The first day of spring promises warm sunshine, new life and a re-awakening of yang energy after the yin cycle of winter and is the perfect time to utilise some feng shui wisdom around space clearing.

Take a moment to look around your home and see if there are things that you can let go of. Allow the Law of Attraction to bring fresh new abundant energy into your life. Remember, letting go of unwanted possessions to friends, charities or by selling, opens up the flow of energy to fill your uncluttered spaces with prosperity chi. To attract abundance, we need to share our abundance.

The Japanese have a wonderful system of decluttering named the 5S Process. 5S is the acronym for five Japanese words, each beginning with the letter “S”:

SEIRI means sort; to put things in order.
SEITON means systemize and simplify.
SEISO means shining; keeping things clean.
SEIKETSU means standardisation (everyone must be clear on their responsibilities and duties in the process).
SHITSUKE means discipline.

Harmony and purity are important in the practice of feng shui. Living in a home full of clutter, chaos, dirt and dust will affect your energy field and cause you to have chaotic thoughts and feelings. 

In feng shui there is a connection between your physical body and your home. Every part of your home is connected with a part of your body. Clutter in an area of your home may create problems in your physical body.

The entrance into your home is particularly important. This area represents your face and your five senses. Keep the entrance to your home clean and  clutter free. No shoes, school bags, empty boxes, bins, newspapers or magazines. Keep your entrance light, clean, attractive and airy to invite the positive chi to flow into your home or office.

The four corners of your home connect with your physical hands and feet. Our hands and feet represent how we walk into life and handle ourselves in the world. Keep these four corners clean, bright and clutter free.

The centre of your home represents your heart but also connects with any room that you love to be in. Clear the clutter from these rooms so there is no blockage in your heart.

Your bathrooms represent your kidneys. Don’t allow dirty laundry to pile up or toiletries, appliances and bottles of product to clutter your benchtops.

The kitchen relates to your liver and its ability to clear toxins. Regularly clean out your pantry and fridge of expired foods and use fresh, environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean your kitchen. Don’t allow dirty dishes to pile up.

The dining room table represents your pancreas but is also important for attracting abundance. Avoid using it for storage or clutter. Instead, place a bowl of fresh fruit, a bouquet of flowers or display an overflowing wealth bowl filled with crystals, golden coins and ingots to attract prosperity chi. Check the images you have in your dining room. Do they aid your digestion and add to the joy of dining or do they represent density, chaos or sadness?

The glass in your doors and windows represents your lungs. Keep your windows clean so you can breathe easier and enjoy the view.

A blockage in the flow of chi in your hallways can affect your intestines. Keep your hallways clean and clear to encourage a positive flow of energy.

The physical structure of your home represents your spine and bones. Check your home for a sagging roof, or leaning verandah.

Embarking on cleaning and decluttering of your whole home can seem an overwhelming task. If you feel overwhelmed, simply start with one room and commit to a schedule of space clearing the remaining areas of your home. Start with your front door and bit by bit you will start to experience the new flow of positive chi in your home.

Use incense, essential oils, and singing bowls or bells to purify the air and uplift any density. Lavender essential oil is perfect for your spring cleaning ritual. Lavender’s balancing properties will soothe any stress and anxiety you may have around starting your decluttering and cleaning, while at the same time open you up to new possibilities and release any past habits. Bells and bowls made from seven types of metal are perfect for infusing your space with yang energy. Choose a singing bowl or metal bell that includes both silver and gold, as gold symbolizes the sun and silver the moon. In addition, the number seven signifies the seven planets of our solar system and the seven chakras of the human body.

Open your windows to allow light and fresh new yang energy to infuse your environment.

Decluttering and cleaning our homes creates a level of purity that allows a high level of abundance, energy and good health to manifest.

Spring is the perfect time to start this process. 


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