The Spiritual Connection & Earth Energy Dowsing

The Spiritual Connection & Earth Energy Dowsing
October 31, 2018 Sharon Dunn

Halloween is being celebrated today and it feels like a good time to share my thoughts on all things ghostly and how this relates to the work I do with earth energy dowsing.

Over the centuries cultures and religions have acknowledged and celebrated the presence of spirits in our earthly plane. From Chinese culture to the religion of Buddhism and the All Hallows’ Eve tradition of the Celts; beliefs, festivals and rituals are performed to honor and appease those souls that are trapped between dimensions.

In our modern world today, movies, television series and celebrity mediums satisfy our curiosity and fascination with the spiritual realms and bring a greater awareness to their presence. However, earthbound spirits have for various reasons become trapped and are unable to continue their spiritual evolution. They may have been in shock, grief, anger or confusion at their time of passing and the energetic density of this experience means that they then become stuck.

Earth energy dowsing looks for and heals all nonbeneficial energy that is impacting our environment, and this includes the deeply rewarding practice of connecting with souls who are looking for someone to help them. Homes and buildings will often have one or several negative vortexes and in the density of these portals of downward spiralling energy, spiritual entities are often discovered. Clearing these negative portals of energy and assisting the release of trapped spiritual energy is my first step in healing, uplifting and transforming the energy of a space.

For me, releasing spirits as part of the work I do with my dowsing is the most rewarding aspect. I always feel a great sense of happiness knowing that I am being of service and that I can use the knowledge and the energy tools of Diamond Dowsing to help them release in a safe, light filled portal and working from a place of total love and compassion and nonjudgement.

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