Dowsing Where Your Cat Sleeps

Dowsing Where Your Cat Sleeps
August 15, 2017 Sharon Dunn

Dowsing your cat’s favourite sleeping spot maybe a clue to non-beneficial earth energy impacting you and your family.

Cats often like to sleep in negative vortexes and are doing us a service as they energetically take on this energy. They are transformers of this energy and once they have taken up the density and heaviness, they move away to shake off and groom themselves.

What is a Negative Vortex?

Negative vortexes are an energy that spirals downwards, anticlockwise. The energy that this creates is very dense and chaotic causing a depletion and draining of our energy field. This type of depleting energy interferes with the chakra centers of our bodies (our chakras and our minds start to close off) and may contribute to a range of health conditions including depression, nightmares, bedwetting in children, sleep issues and lack of focus and clarity if you are working and studying in one. 7 jChakras of the Human Body

Interestingly, ley lines that intersect at an angle other than 90 degrees are responsible for the creation of negative vortexes but several other conditions like an underground cave or past negative events may also create one.

Earlier this year I was curing several negative vortexes in the foyer of a client’s home. Several weeks later, I returned to the home to complete my work.  My client told me that the neighbor’s cat could always be found sitting on the neighbour’s fence opposite the foyer. Apparently, the cat had disappeared the very next day after my initial visit. By curing and turning this vortex from negative to positive, there was no longer a need for the neighbor’s cat to continue its energy work.

If your feline friend habitually sleeps in one spot, this maybe an indication that you are living with this non-beneficial energy in your home.


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