Your Christmas Tree Placement & Feng Shui

Your Christmas Tree Placement & Feng Shui
December 21, 2018 Sharon Dunn

Did you know your Christmas tree can be placed according to the 5 Element Theory and time cycles of feng shui?

This year the south sector of your living or dining area is a great location for your tree because the yearly flying star #4 Relationship Star resides in the south. The shape, element and color of a Christmas Tree fully supports the fire element of the south sector and the wood element of the #4. The cone shape is represented by the fire element of the south and the supporting wood element by the color green.

Decorations for your south sector tree might include the fire colors of purple, red, orange or rose. Beautiful flashing lights and ornaments of birds, musical instruments and ornaments that have long pointed or triangular shapes are also good. Place your gifts wrapped in red and green paper and ribbons.





The east and southeast are also good options for displaying your tree based on the wood element. If you place your tree in the southeast use a smaller tree, less than 1.5 meters tall. Antique decorations are perfect for your east sector tree along with musical instrument ornaments. Unfortunately, the east sector has the #7 Violence & Robbery Star this year, so be careful around your choice of decorations. Use lots of light blue colors to cure this energy and try not to have too much gold and silver; this will feed the metal energy of the #7. In the southeast decorate your tree with gold, lilac and blue ornaments and for both sectors wrap your gifts in blue and green paper and ribbons. Activate the yearly #8 Abundance Star in the southeast by adding some earth colors like earthy tones of orange and red or rose, pink and fuchsia.





The west connects with the yearly Illness Star #2 this year, so if you can, try to avoid placing your tree here this year. However, if you have no other choice, a smaller Christmas Tree is recommended for the west this year. Decorations might include lights that are shaped like stars, white, gold and silver ornaments and round shaped ornaments that are reflective. Avoid a lot of red on your tree this year, as this color will feed the illness energy for the year. Wrap your gifts in silver and gold paper and ribbons.




The northwest sector has enjoyed the abundance energy of the #1 water star this year, so placing a small Christmas Tree is another great option. Decorate your tree with the colors white, gold, silver and blue. Blue ornaments will activate the #1 Abundance Star. Wrap your gifts in white, silver or gold paper and blue ribbon.





Heavenly abundance has activated the southwest sector this year with the visiting #6 Abundance Star. Place a small tree here this year and activate for this energy with lots of white, gold and silver decorations. Rose, pink and earthy yellow and red decorations will support this yearly abundance energy in the southwest. Gifts wrapped in white, gold or silver paper with rose colored ribbon will be perfect for your southwest Christmas Tree.





The northeast would not be a very good sector to place your tree this year. But if you have no other alternative, choose a small tree and use lots of fire colors like reds, purples and oranges to control the visiting #3 Conflict Star.






Try to avoid a tree in your north sector. The density of the yearly #5 Transformation Star makes this sector least favorable for friends and family to gather and celebrate Christmas. If you have no other option but to place your tree here, choose a small one and decorate it with white, gold or silver ornaments. Avoid using the color red, as this will feed the earth element of the #5 star.





And lastly, the center sector has the visiting #9 Fame & Recognition this year. Decorate your Christmas Tree with the fire colors of red, purple and orange to enhance this yearly energy.





A final thought is, no matter where you place your Christmas tree, placing it with intention, mindfulness and in the spirit of Christmas will allow you and your loved ones to enjoy a more peaceful, joyous and harmonious Christmas.

Wishing everyone a joyous, peaceful and blessed Christmas for 2018.


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