Earthing™ Half Sheet Kit

Earthing™ Half Sheet Kit

Earthing™ Half Sheet Kit


Sleeping on a conductive sheet has proven to be highly popular and an effective way of grounding/earthing the human body. Sleep is the time when the body rests and recovers from the stresses of daily activities. If we do not sleep well, the recovery process works inadequately, making us susceptible to stress-related problems, illnesses and immune disorders. Sleeping grounded is the best way to reap the benefits of connecting with the Earth.

The Earthing™ half sheet is a universal half-sheet that is placed over your fitted base sheet. It is most commonly used at the foot end of the bed which conveniently grounds your body during sleep, however, you can place anywhere on the bed that is comfortable to you as long as you have bare skin touching it. Alternatively you can place the sheet lengthways so one person
can sleep fully on the sheet.

Sheet coverage is 3 x 0.9 metres, excludes tuck in areas and will fit all beds up to a King size. 100% cotton sheet with a woven network of soft, conductive silver fibres in a grid like pattern. Great for travelling.

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Weight 550 g
Dimensions 260 x 220 x 30 mm
Sheet size

3m x 0.9m


Off white/natural


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