Earthing™ Plush Pad Kit

Earthing™ Plush Pad Kit

Earthing™ Plush Pad Kit


The soft and padded Plush Pad has proved to be very popular with people looking for a versatile Earthing/Grounding indoor product. The conductive pad can be used to sleep on, relax on as well as wrap around areas of the body. It can be rolled and folded without damage. Small and compact to take when travelling for those that want to retain the health benefits of Earthing/Grounding the body.

The Earthing Plush Pad is an organic cotton conductive pad and is like a mini version of the Throw/Blanket. One side is conductive and the other is not. This versatile small soft pad can be used for lots of Earthing applications such as on a chair to sit or lay on, behind your back, draped over your lap or to lay on in bed. The Plush Pad can also double as a pet pad as well! You can place directly on the floor or on top of the pets existing bedding – as long as they make direct contact with the mat.

Please be aware that sharp objects like watches and rings make catch the soft thread of this fabric.

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Weight 380 g
Dimensions 280 x 220 x 40 mm
Sheet size

76cm x 51cm


Soft cotton with conductive silver thread


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