Earthing™ Universal Mat Kit

Earthing™ Universal Mat Kit

Earthing™ Universal Mat Kit

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The Universal Mat has proved to be very popular with people using computers and electronics as it greatly reduces electrical charges being absorbed by the body.  Reducing electrical charge build up may result in less back, shoulder and neck pain, keep you more alert and reduce eye strain, while working at a computer.  The mats are also popular for always having you own “patch of Earth” right indoors, so that you can Earth/Ground the body when it suits you and no matter what the weather is doing outside.

The Earthing™ Universal Mat can be used on top of a desk under your keyboard and mouse, or under your desk with bare feet contact as well as on a chair or couch. When working in an office environment we are often surrounded by very high electrical fields, which some people are sensitive to and they can become tired, experience sore eyes and lose focus. By working “grounded” you will greatly reduce the the electrical voltage you are being exposed to, keeping the body balanced, and greatly reducing or eliminating electrical stress on the body.  

An absolute must for anyone working at a computer station or surrounded by electronic equipment.

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 330 x 235 x 55 mm
Sheet size

25cm x 68cm


Earthing™ Universal Mat Kit includes the Universal Mat, 4.5m straight cord for connection and 1 Australian Adapter Plug


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