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    Quantum Energy Ring – Medium

    The circumference of this ring measures 2 cubits, which gives it a diameter of just under 330mm. Made with heavy gauge pure copper, this ring creates a quantum field of light wherever it is placed. [sf_modal header="Marie Diamond Quantum Energy Rings" link_type="text" link_text="READ MORE ABOUT ENERGY RINGS..." btn_colour="accent" btn_type="standard" btn_size="standard" btn_icon="ss-star" btn_text="READ MORE"]

    The Marie Diamond Energy Rings are 100% pure copper and are handcrafted in a dowsed and energetically uplifting environment. The energy rings are of a superior quality and design but the true uniqueness of the rings are the special activations which increase the connection to the field of light, also known as the quantum field. The energy of each ring is stabilised with brass sleeves, fastened equidistance around the ring. These sleeves help stabilise the energy field created by the ring. All of the energy rings are finished with a clear coat which inhibits the oxidation process common to copper. There are three types of energy rings - Quantum, Ascension and Descension. For more information about the Marie Diamond Quantum Energy Rings and how to use them, click here to download a free ebook.

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    Om Mani Padme Hum Pendant

    Crafted from stainless steel, the inner ring and golden disc of this pendant are rotatable. The outer ring is engraved with the 12 Chinese horoscope animals on one side and the 8 auspicious objects on the other. The middle ring is engraved with the mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum' on one side and on the other side, the 8 petal lotus with 8 trigrams symbol. The golden inner circle is engraved with the seed symbol Hrih. The combination of the Universal Protection Mantra, 8 auspicious objects & 12 zodiac animals, make this pendant suitable for everyone.
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    Medicine Buddha Pendant

    The most revered healing Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism. Wear this enamelled Medicine Buddha Pendant to protect you from illness and remove obstacles to a healthy mind and body.
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    Wu Lou with Crane, Deer & Bamboo

    The shape of the Wu Lou represents Heaven (the top half) and Earth (the bottom half) and signifies a balance between Heaven, Earth and Humanity. Place the Wu Lou for the Yearly & Monthly Flying Star #2 Illness Star. For ongoing health issues, place on your bedside table or in your health direction based on your personal energy number.
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    Mystic Knot with Wish Fulfilling Compartment

    The mystic knot symbolizes never ending happiness, a continuity of all the good things in life, including health, happiness, prosperity and relationship luck. The mystic knot is auspicious when placed in all sectors. Place your intentions in the wish fulfilling compartment to realize your goals.
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  • Rose Quartz Angel

    Place a rose quartz angel in the general space feng shui direction of northeast to enhance spiritual wisdom, in your wisdom direction based on your personal energy number, on your prayer altar or opposite your front door to invite heavenly blessings into your home. Enhance the general romance corner of the southwest with two rose quartz angels or place a pair of these angels in the romance direction of your bedroom based on your personal energy number.
  • Pair of Golden Peaches

    A pair of golden peaches, one inscribed with the symbol "Fu" for good fortune and other with the symbol "Shou" for longevity. Display these golden peaches in the general space feng shui sector of east in the living or dining room, for the health luck of the family. Based on your personal energy number, place them in your health direction in your living room, dining room, bedroom or office. To invite marriage luck or to sustain the luck of married couples, place them in your relationship direction of your bedroom based on your personal energy number, or the general space feng shui sector of southwest.
  • Selenite Crystal Heart

    Selenite is named after the ancient Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene. Selenite radiates the qualities of peace & love & corresponds to the crown chakra. Place a pair of Selenite hearts in the general space feng shui direction of southwest in your bedroom or living room, or in your relationship direction of your bedroom or living room based on your personal energy number. Selenite can dissolve in water, so the best way to cleanse your Selenite crystal is in a ceramic or crystal bowl of organic brown rice. Leave for 24 hours and then re-empower your Selenite in moonlight.  
  • 9 Level Pagoda

    The 9 Level Pagoda symbolically embodies the qualities of peace, wisdom and harmony. The 9 levels of the pagoda signifies completion, bringing all the qualities that one needs to be a student or working individual. Qualities such as perseverance, integrity, motivation and honor. Place this 9 Level Pagoda in your wisdom direction based on your personal energy number, in the general space feng shui direction of northeast, or where the yearly and monthly Flying Star #4 resides.  
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    Handful of Treasure for Wealth

    This highly auspicious symbol of hands overflowing with abundance attracts great prosperity luck. Display on your desk for wealth luck, near the cash register to attract cash flow or the general wealth sector of southeast in your living room or office. Activate the yearly and monthly Flying Star #6 to attract heavenly luck.
  • Small Gold Leaf Bottle

    Place the Small Gold Leaf Bottle in your wealth vase, handbag or wealth pot to attract money and abundance luck.
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    Figure 8 Enhancer

    The #8 is the most auspicious number in feng shui, symbolising infinity and a balance between Heaven and Earth. The chi of the #8 harmonises beneficially with the current Period of 8 and is auspicious when placed to activate the yearly and monthly Flying Star #8. Place this Figure of 8 to also activate the Mountain Star 8 according to the natal chart of your home.
  • Golden Arowana

    The arowana is a symbol of prosperity and is revered by the Chinese 'as a living dragon'. Display the golden arowana in the general wealth sector of southeast in your living room, dining room or office. Place alongside your water features to enhance the flow of chi. As north is the career direction in space feng shui, placing your golden arowana here will invite career opportunities.
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    The Earthing Book

    Written by Clint Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. and Martin Zucker New 2nd Edition Earthing, the book, unfolds an amazing story of discovery and will change how you view the ground you walk on everyday forever. The book tells the amazing story of how Clint Ober, a retired cable TV Executive, stumbled across the benefits of Earthing or Grounding yourself with bare feet to the earth. Clint started his journey in the late 1990’s and for the past 10 years has been involved in researching and documenting the evidence. This book is backed up with scientific evidence, documentation and personal healing stories. Excerpt from new book: From David Richards, M.B.B.S., an integrative family physician in Iluka, New South Wales, “In my more than thirty years as a general practitioner,I’ve never had anything to offer patients for diabetic neuropathy. No doctor really has anything. All we can do is try to optimise blood sugar and control it. But that doesn’t fix the problem of numb feet. Earthing has changed this dilemma altogether..." "Chronic inflammation is regarded as the root cause of most modern day diseases and the solution could be right under our feet."
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    Earthing™ Universal Mat Kit

    The Universal Mat has proved to be very popular with people using computers and electronics as it greatly reduces electrical charges being absorbed by the body.  Reducing electrical charge build up may result in less back, shoulder and neck pain, keep you more alert and reduce eye strain, while working at a computer.  The mats are also popular for always having you own "patch of Earth" right indoors, so that you can Earth/Ground the body when it suits you and no matter what the weather is doing outside. The Earthing™ Universal Mat can be used on top of a desk under your keyboard and mouse, or under your desk with bare feet contact as well as on a chair or couch. When working in an office environment we are often surrounded by very high electrical fields, which some people are sensitive to and they can become tired, experience sore eyes and lose focus. By working "grounded" you will greatly reduce the the electrical voltage you are being exposed to, keeping the body balanced, and greatly reducing or eliminating electrical stress on the body.   An absolute must for anyone working at a computer station or surrounded by electronic equipment.
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    Earthing™ Small Body Band Kit

    Excellent for targeting pain in a particular area – brings earthing directly to the spot of inflammation. The bands contain conductive silver fibres on the inside that ground the body when connected to a grounding system.  The patches are similar to the ECG/EKG electrode patches commonly used by doctors for testing purposes. When used for earthing, you simply apply them to the skin on some part of the body, such as a site of tenderness or pain. The patches are disposable and will last for 2-3 uses. These bands and patches are connected to the Earth, either through your electrical outlets or by using a ground rod.
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